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eskimo_kissThe Autism Coalition of Nevada has created a comprehensive statewide resource guide called ACON's 'Nevada Autism Provider & Services Directory'. Our focus is to provide our communities with 'Evidence Based' services and providers in your area.

Please click on our section called 'ACON Directory' and then double click the PDF Icon and the Directory will open in an easily readable and printable file. Our hope is that this document will be a source of great service to you and your family. Please Note that this Directory is not intended to treat, cure or provide specific answers to any medical, neurologic, health or other disease, issue or illness.

This Directory will be updated only one time per year. If you have a request for a change to the Directory or would like to add a service or provider to this list, please contact an ACON member and ask to have your idea added to the (ANNUAL UPDATE LIST). Have patience as this Directory requires great amounts of research and verification and is updated by an ACON member at their discretion.

Feel free to contact an experienced ACON Representative today by clicking on our JOIN ACON page or calling the number listed. You will find our direct phone number, address, e-mail and a listing of the members of our Board of Directors. Some parents and caregivers feel best when they can discuss concerns with a live person and we are here to assist you. Please feel free to contact an ACON Representative today.

You may also choose to contact the Coalition Supporters and Advisors individually for more information on our various members' groups and missions.

Other Resources and Referral Services

CDC Autism Web Site

The State Visit www.cdc.gov/autism for updated information, individualized pages for different visitors and data and statistics.


The State of Nevada has recently devloped a help resource known as 'Nevada 211'. By pressing 211 on your telephone, you will be connected to a live operator who has access to a statewide database and can be utilized strictly as a Referral Service. This service can be very helpful for families with disabled children, Nevadans who are blind/visually impaired to also helping low-income families and individuals who may need assistance with rent, food, medical and other services. Nevada 211 also has listings of Autism resources and can be used for Referral for families affected by Autism.

Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities

The “Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities” has recommended the development of a state website called the Nevada Autism Network. This is in the process of being developed in 2008, and we will keep you informed as information about the development of this project becomes available to us.


In northern Nevada, Toni Richards of RAIN has put together a resource guide and she can be reached at isign3550@sbcglobal.net. Toni has been such an incredible asset to our community for many years and we are proud to have her on our Board of Directors.

Disclaimer: All information provided by the Autism Coalition of Nevada is for informational purposes only. ACON does not endorse any product or therapy, and no link on this site should be considered such an endorsement. Decisions regarding specific interventions and therapies should be done in collaboration with the individual’s caregivers, doctor, and other qualified professionals. Families are encouraged to thoroughly investigate treatments or interventions to choose those that are appropriate for the individual with autism and their family. ACON assumes no responsibility for the use made of information provided on the website.

Below are two links. One on funding for the Combating Autism Act and the other is a study/resource document on vocational rehabilitation/transitional planning.

Vocational Rehabilitation/Transitional Planning

Combating Autism Act

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ACON welcomes NEW Members. In addition to organization leaders,companies and groups (both private and public sector), we encourage parents and individuals to join ACON. Use your voice to help those who may not have the ability to speak up and advocate for themselves. United together with passion and purpose, we provide strength and courage to create change that is long overdue . Please click on 'JOIN ACON' to become a member now, your information will be kept confidential.