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Welcome to the Autism Coalition of Nevada


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213_kidsWHO WE ARE:

The Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON) is comprised of representatives from various autism advocacy organizations, agencies and professionals who serve Nevadans with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related neurodevelopmental disorders throughout our state, as well as a multitude of individuals and families whose lives are affected by autism in some way.

We are a non-compete Coalition, dedicated to bringing these groups together in support of a common cause, goal and purpose. ACON supporters share the common goal of working towards a bright future, working together to help those affected by ASD. Collaboratively we work together to cause change – One Voice…One Cause.


ACON believes that the children, young adults, and their families who are touched by these Autism deserve an early diagnosis, deserve to have access to evidence-based treatments, and to receive accurate information regardless of age, income, or race.

Our main purpose is to ensure that services are available to all, and to keep our members informed of progress in this area. The Autism Coalition of Nevada is focused in uniting all people affected by ASD, autism advocacy organizations, local and national political affiliates/legislators, and the service providers in Nevada and all other states in the U.S.

Our Accomplishments

We have combined efforts and have had tremendous success in gaining legislation that has created extraordinary changes in the state of Nevada. In recent years, we have collectively managed to reform statewide public policy addressing awareness and the availability of appropriate services across the lifespan for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related Neurodevelopmental Disorders. We are especially grateful to our supporters, lawmakers, families, and caregivers who have stood with us in realizing our mission. Due to the combined efforts of our members and our supporters, AB 162 was put into law. Nevada became the 11th State to mandate insurance coverage for the treatment of ASD.

We are so proud of the many accomplishments you have helped us in achieving. We must continue to focus on our mission. Join us as we continue our efforts to move forward in meeting all of our objectives now and in the future. Our ability to share our compassion and care is limitless. Below, please see a list of our current and future goals.

Continuing Goals

  • Continuing our mission of outreach, welcoming new parents, individuals and organizations on as members of our Coalition, provide financial support to families who need it to gain access to medical treatments and therapies, and to promote future success of the programs, events, projects, and educational opportunities brought to us by our Board and by all of our new ACON members.
  • Sponsoring/Creating innovative, progressive, programs in Nevada; such as parenting classes, behavior classes; speech/language, support group, educational series, event planning and more.
  • To continue our mission to raise the maximum in increased awareness, funding, education and more, by devoting our time, energy, and financial resources toward bringing events and projects to Nevada.

Continuing Our Long Term Goals   2015-2016

  • Facilitate the advancement of scientific research by aligning ACON with the top research institutions around the world such as the UC Davis MIND Institute, the Kennedy-Krieger Institute, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR), and many more.
  • Establish and Advance our “A-OK Nevada” Autism Awareness slogan and campaign
  • Further program requirements for early intervention and childhood education programs
  • Addressing respite care issues for families with members who are effected by ASD
  • Continue to address job training issues for adults, and young adults diagnosed with ASD and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Continue to connect with and improve our community-based supports
  • Address adult issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorders across the Lifespan
  • Provide financial supports to qualifying families in need of assistance so that they may get their child evaluated, diagnosed, medically treated, and set up with all necessary therapeutic interventions.

Thank you so much for supporting the Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON).

If you would like to support our cause, please visit our website at www.aconv.org to make your charitable donation.

ACON welcomes NEW Members. In addition to organization leaders,companies and groups (both private and public sector), we encourage parents and individuals to join ACON. Use your voice to help those who may not have the ability to speak up and advocate for themselves. United together with passion and purpose, we provide strength and courage to create change that is long overdue . Please click on 'JOIN ACON' to become a member now, your information will be kept confidential.